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your ultimate guide to different types of sunscreen

types of sunscreen, Dermalogica India

Are you wondering why sunscreen is important? Or are you tired of hearing the words “wear sunscreen”? No? Good. Because we’ll never tire of saying it. Sunscreen is one of the most important components of a skin care routine, whether it’s summer or winter, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. 

Different types of sunscreen

Once you’ve decided to start applying sunscreen regularly, the next step is to find the best sunscreen for you. You may have heard of different ranges of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) from SPF15 all the way to SPF50 and SPF100, but did you know that there are two main kinds of sunscreen? Namely, Chemical and Physical (also known as Mineral).  

Chemical Sunscreens

The word chemical is usually a big no-no when it comes to skin care. But before you jump to conclusions, hear us out. Instead of creating a protective barrier, chemical sunscreens reflect a high percentage of the sun’s UV rays off the skin, while allowing the skin to absorb the rest and convert it into heat and energy.

Dermalogica offers a range of chemical sunscreens for different kinds of skin types and needs: 

  1. Prisma Protect SPF30: This one is a multi-tasking moisturiser-cum-sunscreen that provides broad spectrum (meaning protection from UVA and UVB rays) protection, helps prevent signs of skin ageing, provides day-long hydration and has intelligent drone technology that enhances the skin’s natural luminosity.
  2. Oil Free Matte SPF30: Perfect for oily skin that’s prone to acne, this is a broad spectrum sunscreen, and prevents breakouts and congestion on the skin, while giving it an all-day matte finish, without leaving behind a powdery residue.
  3. Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50: Yet another broad spectrum sunscreen from the house of Dermalogica, this also contains active ingredients that help reverse signs of skin ageing and give your skin a smoother, even finish.
  4. Protection 50 Sport SPF50: This sunscreen is perfect for the outdoorsy kinds who love a good workout. Water resistant up to 80 minutes, the Protection 50 Sport SPF50 offers a sheer solar protection treatment against prolonged exposure to UV light and environmental factors. The lightweight formula ensures you’re not left with a greasy feeling on your skin.
  5. Sheer Tint Light SPF20: Lightly tinted, this sunscreen is a good choice for when you’re indoors, as it leaves you with radiant skin while providing broad spectrum UV protection. The active ingredients in this help reduce the appearance of fine lines and signs of dehydration, and is great for sensitive skin, as it is free of artificial fragrance and colours. 

Physical (Mineral) Sunscreens

Physical sunscreens have two core ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which help the product create a protective barrier on the surface of your skin, which then deflects and scatters the UVA and UVB rays away from you, providing up to 90% sun protection.


The best physical sunscreens available at Dermalogica include: 

  1. Super Sensitive Shield SPF30: If you have sensitive skin that’s prone to redness and easily reacts to external elements, then the Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 is the right sunscreen for you. It contains the Dermalogica UltraCalming complex that soothes irritated skin and minimises burning and itching, all while hydrating your skin and providing a protective barrier against the sun’s rays.
  2. Skin Perfect Primer SPF30: A primer to prep your skin before wearing makeup that doubles up as a sunscreen? Sign us up, please! Not only does this primer help even out your skin and give it a smooth canvas for your makeup, but it also provides broad spectrum protection against the sun’s UV rays. It moisturises your skin, reduces the signs of visible fine lines, and leaves your skin looking healthy and firm.

Remember also to keep in mind your skin type, whether dry, oily, sensitive, etc, while choosing the best sunscreen for you. 

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