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holi skin care tips to protect your skin this year

holi skin care tips to protect your skin this year

Holi is just around the corner and we can’t wait to celebrate the most colourful festival of the year. But while the idea of dousing ourselves in gulal is exciting, we are haunted by flashes of those terrifying childhood days when, post Holi, we’d step out of the shower looking like an extraterrestrial being. You know, when, no matter how hard you scrubbed, till your skin practically peeled off, and clumps of hair came out in your fist, the memory of Holi would continue to haunt you in the mirror for days, sometimes weeks.

Not to say you shouldn't play Holi. By all means, bathe in the joy of colours, but opt for the old adage, “prevention is better than cure”. Prep your skin and hair before you play this year, and do some damage control after. Oiling yourself may be a good start but we have some tips and reccos on how you can ensure maximum fun with minimum damage to your skin and hair.

Pre-Holi Skin Care

  • Prep your skin and make sure it’s moisturised and nourished before you go out to play. The Skin Smoothing Cream Moisturiser locks in moisture for a longer period, giving your skin 48 hours of deep nourishment.
  • Layer on the sunscreen! Opt for a waterproof sunscreen that will protect you from the sun and won’t wear off while playing with water colours. The Protection 50 Sport SPF50 protects you from heat, sun and colour damage, all in one swoop application.

Post-Holi Skin Care

  • Cleansing is paramount after you’ve played Holi. Amp up your usual cleansing routine by double cleansing with the Precleanse, which easily deep cleanses your skin, removing the excess sebum, dirt and colour. Follow this up with your usual cleanser, such as the Intensive Moisture Cleanser for dry skin; the Special Cleansing Gel for oily or combination skin; the UltraCalming Cleanser for sensitive skin; or the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser for ageing or pigmented skin.
  • Use products that will soothe your skin since Holi can be harsh on it. Spritz the UltraCalming Mist Toner throughout the day for a cooling effect and treat the skin with UltraCalming Serum concentrate that will provide the benefits of a light moisturiser as well.
  • Post-cleanse moisturising is an important step to lock in your skin’s natural moisture and provide further nourishment. The Calm Water Gel Moisturiser is a good bet because it’s gentle on dry, sensitive skin, which your skin will undoubtedly be post Holi, and also provides a weightless barrier against further damage and environmental elements.
  • Continue to apply sunscreen religiously. Opt for a two-in-one moisturiser-cum-sunscreen… because, multitasking! Try the Prisma Protect SPF30, which doubles up as both and also leaves you with naturally luminous skin.
  • You’ll get an idea of how your skin is reacting to the Holi colours after a week or 10 days, so around then, indulge in a quick 15-minute Dermalogica FaceFit treatment that will address your specific skin concern post Holi, if any.
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