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skin tips from dermatologists on Doctor’s Day

skin tips from dermatologists on Doctor’s Day

As summer moves into monsoon, the change in season and increase in humidity levels can create havoc on your skin. But hey, when you have Dermalogica and our partner doctors, you don’t have to worry about that, do you? This Doctor’s Day, we spoke to a few renowned dermatologists to help share tips and tricks to get you through the rainy season blues.

Dr Sowmya, Dermipure, Dermaclinic, Chennai
Must-have skin care products for the monsoon?
a. Sunscreen with SPF30
b. A good cleanser
c. Toner
d. Lip balm

One skin care tip specific for the monsoon?
Apply the Dermalogica’s Active Moist moisturiser twice a day to keep your skin hydrated.

Basic lifestyle tip for healthy skin?
Include antioxidants in your diet. Remember, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

How often should one visit a dermatologist?
For healthy skin that ages gracefully, visit your dermatologist at least one every three months.

Dr Kahkashan Sajjad, Rumy’s Skin Care Clinic & Academy, Mumbai
Tips for overall skin health?
Follow a CTM routine religiously, twice a day, every day.

Lifestyle tips for healthy skin?
Drink lots of water & add green leafy vegetables & fruits to your diet to keep your skin glowing.

How often should one visit a dermatologist?
Visit your dermatologist seasonally, to combat environmental changes to your skin.

Dermalogica recommends
- CTM with Special Cleansing Gel, Multi-Active Toner, Skin Smoothing Cream
- add exfoliation to your daily routine with Daily Microfoliant
- use the Oil Free Matte SPF30 all year round
- eat your greens and get your beauty sleep

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