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14 reasons to love Dermalogica

14 reasons to love Dermalogica

In 1986, skin therapist Jane Wurwand, founded a skin care brand that went on to disrupt the global skin care industry – a brand that focused on skin health and not beauty. Built on three pillars of personalised skin health, education for professionals and customers alike, and highlighting the need for human touch, Dermalogica is present in 100+ countries across the world. And 14 years ago, this already iconic skin care brand entered India and changed the way we viewed and consumed skin care.

As we celebrate 14 years of Dermalogica in India, we share with you our values, what we strive towards every day and the 14 reasons why we know you will love our brand, if you don’t already.

14 years of imparting education on skin care
14 years of personalised skin care routines
14 years of the human touch
14 years of building a community of skin experts
14 years of skin health

14 reasons why...

  1. Dermalogica was founded by skin therapist, Jane Wurwand, in 1986 to upgrade the skill sets of skin therapists around the world and to separate the concept of beauty from skin health

  2. Dermalogica products and services are researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute, which has redefined global professional skin care education

  3. Over the years, Dermalogica has built a tribe of 100,000+ professional skin therapists across 107 countries worldwide, and thousands in India alone

  4. Dermalogica focuses on skin health, rather than beauty, so you can live your healthiest skin and achieve your long-term skin goals

  5. Dermalogica helps clients build personalised skin care routines for their skin type, unique concerns and skin needs

  6. Facemapping and its digital version, Facemapping powered by AI, was introduced by Dermalogica to help customers identify their skin needs and find the right products & services

  7. Targeted treatments are offered with seven high-performance serums for skin needs, ranging from dryness and brightening, to acne and ageing

  8. Dermalogica is especially proud of the unique range of award-winning, powder-based exfoliants that are gentle enough to use every day. Our Daily Mircofoliant sold 13 million units in its first year alone and remains a market leader to this day.

  9. Dermalogica introduced the world to the concept of Double Cleansing, a two-part cleansing routine with the Precleanse and the Special Cleansing Gel to give customers their cleanest, healthiest skin ever

  10. We focus on sun protection, and addresses UV protection and associated skin concerns in a single step with multi-tasking moisturisers + sunscreens

  11. State-of-the-art technology and revolutionary ingredients come together to take skin care to the next level

  12. Dermaloica is a professional skin care brand with 12 distinct in-salon services that help customers achieve their personal skin goals, ranging from the quick 15-minute Zero Touch Facefit to the PROSkin 90-minute targeted treatments

  13. Dermalogica has been clean since 1986 with formulas that are free of artificial colours and fragrances, mineral oil, lanolin, S.D. alcohol, parabens and microplastics. Dermalogica is also certified vegan on all but five products

  14. Dermalogica has been certified cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping bunny and 90% of our packaging is already recyclable or biodegradable
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