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holi skin care tips for this colourful festival

holi skin care tips for this colourful festival

In the midst of all the fun, colour, water splashes and sun exposure, Holi can be a little tricky for your skin. The chemicals can cause skin irritation and redness, leaving it dry, flaky and sunburnt, lasting weeks after the festival departs. Protecting your skin during this festival is crucial and lucky for you, we got our inhouse expert, Hinaa Khan, Head of Education, Dermalogica India, to give you some foolproof skin care tips for Holi. 


  • Go for a professional skin treatment seven to 10 days before holi to prep and nourish your skin. You can opt for a Dermalogica ProSkin 30 or 60 treatment to prepare your skin ahead of Holi. 
  • Moisturise your skin regularly, ideally twice a day, leading up to Holi, to protect and strengthen the skin’s barrier layer. Use the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream, which is uber hydrating and nourishing.
  • Apply a thick layer of sunscreen like the Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50 before going out to play – this will protect your skin both from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as from allowing the colours to seep into your skin. This sunscreen is also waterproof for up to 80 minutes, so don’t forget to reapply if you’re playing for longer than that. 
  • Protect your lips with a hydrating and nourishing lip balm such as the Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex that infuses your lips with a moisturising blend of Avocado Oil, Shea and Cocoa Seed Butters.
  • Use the oil-based Dermalogica Precleanse immediately after playing to remove the residue of colour from the skin.
  • Moisturise religiously with a nourishing moisturiser like Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream to ensure the skin repairs and heals quicker. This moisturiser provides up to 48 hours of consistent hydration and is a must in your post-Holi skin care kit.
  • To hydrate, repair and treat your skin post the colour festivities, use a soothing, nourishing gel masque such as the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque.


  • Avoid using any kind of exfoliants on your skin one week prior to Holi and at least three to four days after, till the skin heals and repairs. 
  • Stop using retinol products right before and after Holi, as your skin will be too sensitive for it.
  • Avoid any chemical peels at least 10 days before and after Holi.
  • Don’t forget to drink lots of water along with the Holi treats, to keep your skin and yourself hydrated. 
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