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life is a mask-erade...

Life Is A Mask-Erade, Dermalogica India

Feel free to play in the face paint this Halloween, but don’t go to sleep until you remove that mask of makeup!

Halloween makeup is also generally heavier and thicker than everyday makeup, designed to adhere (stick) to the face and give a “masquing” effect. From an ingredient and formulation standpoint, Halloween makeup is not designed to be on the skin for a long time, nor is it to help promote healthy skin, as it is high in artificial colors, fragrance, waxes, fats, chemicals and oils.

This can lead to a literal “mask” on your skin, as these ingredients that are designed to withstand sweat by forming an occlusive (suffocating!) coating on the skin. You know what that means: blackheads, congestion (undersurface bumps) and breakouts.

Follow our tips to rip off that mask of makeup and ensure you sleep with super clean skin.

Cleanse twice with Foaming Wash, being sure to cleanse the neck and paying special attention to your chin and around the nose.

Rinse with warm water.

Pat your face dry with a towel.

Follow with All Over Toner to refresh and keep those pores clear.

Be sure to keep skin hydrated – follow with Matte Moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply all the way from the forehead to the neck!

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