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the importance of facemapping

the importance of facemapping

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? And did you know that your skin is completely unique to you? Your skin type, texture and concerns are different from anyone else, just as your skin goals must be. This means that you need a personalised skin care regime, replete with products and services that will suit your skin type, address your concerns, aid you in achieving your long-term skin goals and help you live in your healthiest skin. 

How to identify your skin type?

The first challenge, though, is to correctly identify your skin type and concerns, so that you can set forth on your journey of healthy skin. Dermalogica has just the tool for you. Using state-of-the-art technology, Dermalogica offers Facemapping in salon and its digital version, Facemapping powered by AI on This is a personalised skin assessment that will help you make informed and educated decisions about the products and services to choose for your skin.  

Through AI and machine learning, the Facemapping tool analyses your skin in depth, post which a Dermalogica certified skin therapist can recommend a customised skin care routine to give you the skin you’ve always wished for. 

How does Facemapping work?

The skin on your face is divided into 14 imaginary zones, each with a unique texture, so it is essential to get each and every zone analysed. The Facemapping tool does just that. Once you provide it with a selfie through the Facemapping camera, it will identify your skin type and key concerns, and recommend product suggestions and a customised skin care routine that will help you target those specific areas. Thanks to the accuracy of the Facemapping tool, the expertise of your skin therapist and with regular use of the recommended products, you will see significant improvements in the texture and health of your skin over time. 

Benefits of Facemapping

  • Ease of use
  • Accuracy in identifying your skin type
  • Customisation of skin care products, services and a routine personalised for you
  • Can easily identify changes in your skin as it evolves with time

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