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when it comes to water, get your daily 8!

When It Comes To Water, Get Your Daily 8! Dermalogica India

You’ve heard it before: drink 8 glasses of water every day for improved health. But, do you really know what water can do for every part of you? Let’s break it down from head to toe!

Healthier hair: For pretty tresses, drink that H20! Water helps maintain your hair’s moisture levels.

Healthier skin: Water helps flush out toxins, carry nutrients through the body, and is known to improve blood circulation. All these things keep skin looking awake and fresh. Hydrated skin is also less prone to breakouts and brings balance to skin that’s either too oily or too dry.

Healthier nails: Getting your daily dose of water can counteract brittle, layering nails while making them harder (which means less breakage)!

Better digestion: Downing water with your meal will help you feel full faster, and can even help with issues like indigestion.

Stronger muscles and more stamina: Water gives your muscles electrolytes, giving you more stamina, muscle strength and control when working out. Also, burning calories creates toxins, and water will help flush them out.

Healthier weight: While it may sound strange, drinking water can help relieve water retention and bloating that can make you feel weighed down. And, because dehydration can slow the fat-burning process, drinking water will help your body function properly to maintain a healthy weight.

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