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busting skin care myths this all fool’s day

Busting Skin Care Myths This All Fool’s Day, Dermalogica India

Taking care of your skin, understanding your skin type and its specific concerns, and picking products that will work well for you can be a daunting task. Add to that the plethora of information available out there that can confuse even the smartest of minds. To make things just a tad easier for you, we decided to bust five common skin care myths, this All Fool’s Day. Read on to know how you can make sure you’re living in your healthiest skin.

Myth: Only apply sunscreen when you’re stepping out in the sun
Fact: We get plenty of natural light from the rays of the sun when we are indoors, through our windows, which can impact the skin just as much as when we step out. This can cause dull, uneven skin, pigmentation, sensitivity and signs of premature ageing. Moreover, the constant blue light emitted from the multiple screens you’re using all day is also harmful to your skin. so first, learn about the different kinds of sunscreen out there, and then choose one that suitable to your skin type -- oily or dry or normal. And then don’t forget to slap on some of that sunscreen while you’re working from home too.

Myth: Oily skin does not need moisturiser
Fact: Oily skin also needs hydration. Well-hydrated skin is essential to maintain your skin’s optimum health and to protect it from environmental aggressions. Choose a lightweight or a water gel-based moisturiser for your oily skin care routine.

Myth: The harder you exfoliate, the better
Fact: Exfoliating harder or aggressively can cause skin irritations, bumps or rashes. When exfoliating at home, always choose one with mild ingredients and use it in gentle, circular movements, allowing the ingredients in the formula do its job of removing the dead skin cells. 

Myth: Washing your face three or four times a day will get rid of excess oil on the skin
Fact: Frequent face washing can trigger excess oil production to replace the oil that you have removed. Instead, follow a double cleansing routine twice a day to achieve truly clean skin and use an oil-free sunscreen that absorbs excess oils from the skin.

Myth: Splashing water is enough to cleanse your face if you are not wearing make up
Truth: Excess oils, toxins, pollution, sunscreens and moisturisers sitting on the skin cannot be removed with water alone. Unclean skin can easily become rough, dull, congested and acne prone. Use a soap-free foaming cleanser or face wash to keep your skin healthy.

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