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dos and don’ts of exfoliation

dos and don’ts of exfoliation, Dermalogica India

If you’re seeking healthy, naturally glowing skin, raise your hand. And then take that hand and reach for your favourites skin care product, the exfoliant. More specifically, the Daily Microfoliant.

what is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a key step in your skin care routine that is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin or the epidermis. While your skin regularly and naturally sheds dead skin cells microscopically, exfoliation aids this process further, also known as desquamation. As you age, this process slows down, so exfoliation can enhance it to reveal brighter, smoother, glowing skin.

how do you exfoliate?

The first tip to exfoliation is to read the instructions on your product or to consult a professional skin therapist or dermatologist. Some exfoliants are meant to be used once or twice a week, whereas other, more gentle ones like the Daily Microfoliant, can be used every day. The Daily Microfoliant is a unique powder-based enzyme exfoliant, which gently polishes the skin and removes dead skin cells. The granules are round and therefore not abrasive on the skin. You can use it morning or evening, on a cleansed face.

Take half a teaspoon of the product and add water to activate it, and then gently apply it on your facial and neck skin in circular motions for two to three minutes. Wash it off and then remember to tone and moisturise soon after. This is important because exfoliation temporarily dehydrates the skin so adding the moisture back is critical for skin health.

benefits of exfoliation

Exfoliation has a number of benefits in promoting skin health, especially in the long term with regular use.

 The most common benefits of exfoliation include:

  • it unclogs pores
  • it helps prevent acne, blackheads and whiteheads
  • it promotes an even skin tone
  • it aids the efficacy of other skin care products
  • it stimulates the production of collagen

 But before you start rigorously exfoliating your skin, we’ve got some basic dos and don’t from our experts at Dermalogica, so that you can add this step to your skin care routine in the healthiest way possible. Read on to know more.

 dos of exfoliation

  • Exfoliate on thoroughly cleansed skin.
  • Work the exfoliant in gentle circular movements.
  • Exfoliate preferably at night to avoid sun exposure on a fresh layer of skin achieved after exfoliation. If you do exfoliate during the day, don’t forget to apply your SPF!
  • Follow with a toning mist and moisturise immediately after exfoliating.
  • Use sunscreen daily to protect skin from daylight.
  • Follow directions of use thoroughly.

don’ts of exfoliation

  • Do not over-exfoliate.
  • Do not rub the exfoliant vigorously on your skin.
  • Do not exfoliate after bleach, face wax or threading for at least 72 hrs.
  • Do not exfoliate after a facial treatment for 72 hrs.
  • Do not exfoliate if your skin has developed irritation, sensitivity, sunburn or on broken skin. Let the skin recover and then restart the use of exfoliation.
  • Do not exfoliate after peels, microdermabrasion, laser or any other resurfacing treatments until the skin has recovered.
  • Do not exfoliate while using medically prescribed exfoliating creams, gels etc.
  • Do not club exfoliation with the use of retinol or retinoids.
  • Do not exfoliate if you suffer from a severe cold. Wait until sensitivity and irritation around the nose and upper lip subsides completely.
  • Do not exfoliate pustular (filled with pus) or active acne.

Do not exfoliate before and after a sunny beach holiday. Take a break for at least seven days before and after to exfoliate.

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